After such a long time, here we uploaded our own home made video of teaching and learning activities by using a puppet show. It was such a great experience shooting & preparing for the videos.
We hope all of you enjoy our show. Please click on the link below.

Our Pupppetshow... (click here)

And here are the 'teaser' of our Puppetshow... Pictures of behind the scene...


Coming soon is a complete 30 minutes T&L activities on video! Wait for us while we brush up our 'theatrical' skills... It will be in the 'Videos' page... Hope that we'll have a great fun making the video...

New Beginning...

We are starting our 2nd semester.. Yeah!!!!
Sorry that we haven't post any new things here.. but, please wait, coming soon we'll update this blog with new things.. :)

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Our guestbook...
(the previous one got some problem..hope this one works like a champ!)

Come and chat with us...

Getting Groovy by the Day...

We welcome all of you to our blog & thank you for dropping by.
Oh, by the way... please leave a comment on anything for us. You may also tell us what you want to see on the blog @ give any ideas on how to make this blog useful. Any suggestion are welcome. Be it a good or a bad 1 :)

As the schooling term is coming around the corner, I wish all of you the best & enjoy the holidays.
We will update a few more things in this blog... InsyaAllah.

June.. Sweet June...

It's June.. we are still in the 'constructions' of our blog. We hope it will be an ongoing process InsyaAllah.
This is our group task for the course PPG.
The subject of KPD3016 - Instruction, Technology And Assessments 1
Our lecturer is Dr.Azidah Binti Abu Ziden

It is such an honour for us to learn how to blog and plan lesson interactively.
We also hope our work here, benefits all the pupils, teachers and parents out there.

Especially for you...

This blog is dedicated to all teachers, pupils and parents who are interested in the KSSR Year 1 syllabus which started in 2011.
So that you know, that all the lesson made are true (following the instructions & steps) to the direction from the Teacher Trainers during the KSSR introduction course. It is slightly different from the usual lesson plan we used to write.